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PMP Online Training - Terms and Conditions

1. Overview: The PMP Bootcamp, hosted by Gantt, is a comprehensive 45-hour online classroom training program meticulously designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam. It is imperative for all potential learners to thoroughly review and comprehend these Terms and Conditions before enrolling in the Bootcamp. 2. Training Scope and Objectives: a. The training curriculum encompasses an in-depth exploration of project management topics, methodologies, and tools as outlined in the Project Management Institute's (PMI) latest PMP Exam Content Outline (ECO). It strictly adheres to the confines of the PMP ECO, refraining from delving into project management concepts outside its purview. b. Upon successful completion, participants will earn 35 Professional Development Units (PDUs). c. To facilitate effective exam preparation, the program offers an array of resources, including practice questions and a PMP Mock Exam Simulator featuring two sets of 180 questions each. d. Participants will receive a comprehensive set of over 400 slides utilized during the training sessions. e. The Bootcamp extends support for the review of PMP Exam Applications, personalized study plan creation, and guidance in scheduling the exam. f. Learners can seek clarification on project management concepts during their exam preparation period, with support available for six months from the date of the first training class. Scope Exclusion: What is Not Covered in Training? a. While Gantt commits to providing comprehensive support for PMP Exam success, it is crucial to emphasize that learner effort is indispensable for success. The training serves as a facilitator for mastering project management concepts required for the PMP Exam but does not guarantee exam success. b. Attendance is limited to a single 45-hour Bootcamp, and participants are restricted from enrolling in multiple boot camps with a single training fee. c. Essential materials such as PMBOK guides and other PMP Exam preparation books will not be provided. d. Gantt employs its proprietary training materials and does not utilize the PM LO choice portal materials. Learners are advised against demanding PMI LO choice Materials. 4. About the Trainer: a. Trainers leading the Bootcamp are qualified project management professionals possessing requisite experience and credentials. b. Gantt retains the discretion to change trainers during the course of training, if necessary, due to emergencies or other business reasons. c. The training sessions will be conducted in the English language, with the trainer adopting a neutral or Indian accent for enhanced clarity. 5. Enrollment and Payment: Learners participating in the first two free training sessions must finalize their enrollment by paying the training fee after the free sessions. Failure to do so will preclude participation in future classes. 6. Payment Security: All payments are securely processed through a third-party payment gateway. Gantt does not store sensitive details such as credit or debit card information, Internet banking usernames, or passwords. However, payment details, including the amount, mode, and time of payment, are retained for internal accounting and logistics purposes. 7. Country-Specific Training Fees: Training fees vary by country. Learners must accurately specify their country of residence during the registration process. Providing false information may result in exclusion from the Bootcamp without a refund. 8. Refund & Cancellation Policy: Refund requests are only considered if submitted on or before completing the first two sessions or within the initial 10 hours of training. No refunds will be issued for learners who have attended the first two days for free and subsequently paid for further training. Approved refunds will amount to 80% of the training fee. Refund shall be processed and the amount shall be credited in Customer bank account in 7-10 working days. 9. Confidentiality: a. Gantt is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all learner details, including location, nationality, email ID, and contact information. Such information will not be shared with any third-party entities for financial gain. b. Learning materials shared with participants, including training slides, practice questions, access to blogs, and self-learning videos, are intellectual properties of Gantt and are protected by copyright. Learners are strictly prohibited from sharing these materials without explicit written permission. Engaging in such activities may result in exclusion from the training, the disabling of access to learning materials, and legal action to recover potential losses. 10. Access Rights: Learners will be granted access to the PMP Exam Mock Simulator and other learning portals for a period of six months from the first day of training. Extension requests may be submitted for consideration, with final approval resting with Gantt 11. Shipping Policy: The nature of the product and service we offer are either digital goods or online services and We do not sell physical commodities. So, Shipping policy is not applicable. 12. Disclaimer: The training program provides no guarantee of PMP Exam success or assurances of job opportunities, interviews, or placements. Gantt is not recognized as a Project Management Institute (PMI) Authorized Training Partner (ATP).

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